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Driver Mobi App – Improve Driver Behaviour and Increase Risk Awareness

Our Web Support can be used alongside a range of our leading vehicle tracking solutions, so fleet operators can better engage with their drivers and ensure they are following vehicle safety procedures.

Ctrack Driver Mobi

What Does Driver Mobi do?

Driver Mobi provides a suite of tools that have been designed to help businesses instil a safety-first fleet culture by targeting risk reduction and encouraging responsible driving.

The vehicle checklist is a useful tool to help drivers perform their daily safety inspections simply and effectively, while providing fleet managers and administrators with online visibility of all completed and missed checks.

As a result, companies can gain peace of mind that the required pre-work checks are taking place and ensure any non-compliance is quickly addressed. For anything critical, the driver must leave additional comments, with an alert sent immediately via email.

A report can also be scheduled and run at a chosen time interval to provide an overview of all checks and identify any vehicles that need attention.

Driver Scoring System

Meanwhile, the Driver Score area provides an effective way of promoting road safety and encouraging responsible driving.

By calculating an individual score, that can be viewed alongside a company average score, employees can be incentivised to improve their driving performance.

A breakdown of events is also available across harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering, speeding and excess idling with a peer comparison for each, so drivers can identify individual areas of improvement.

“Streamline Internal Processes”

Using the historical trips tool, drivers can now allocate individual journeys over the past 30 days as business or private mileage, with the option to add any additional comment where necessary.

As a result, drivers can run their own individual business private reports, which can be instantly viewed on-screen or emailed. This means accurate records can be kept electronically to simplify administrative processes and help achieve legislative compliance.

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