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Ctrack Executive Dashboard – Deliver Deeper Fleet & Driver Performance Insight

Ctrack has launched an Executive Dashboard to enable users of its advanced vehicle tracking solutions to access business-critical summary data in easy to understand charts and tables.

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As a result, fleet operators’ systems will now be able to gain added operational insight and business intelligence through their telematics system, identifying trends and underlining route causes within seconds.

Review Key Performance Metrics

This sophisticated and easy-to-use tool enables users to monitor key performance metrics such as driver behaviour, fuel efficiency, fleet utilisation and productivity in a single view.

High level fleet performance trends can be presented with a drill down capability which takes the user – in just a couple of clicks – to individual vehicle and driver details.

The Executive Dashboard has been designed to support small fleets as well the largest enterprises with the capability to display whole fleet data with drill down through division, region or branch to individual vehicle or driver.

ExecutiveDashboard Overview   >    ExecutiveDashboard Summary   >    ExecutiveDashboard Scorecard

A powerful business intelligence engine calculates meaningful and like-for-like comparisons, so organisations can effectively view and analyse multiple metrics at-a-glance to determine where a fleet is performing better or worse – in accordance with the organisation’s KPIs.

This can include comparisons and driver scoring with peers when incorporating all the key metrics of good driving.

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