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Plant, Equipment & Asset Tracking

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Our plant and asset tracking features a battery-powered tracking unit, helping you manage, utilise and protect all types of asset. Keeping track of resources that are constantly on the move has always been a challenge for businesses, especially when they possess limited access to a power source.

The solution supports the tracking of a wide range of vehicles, assets and equipment including trailers, containers, plant machinery, palletised loads, rental vehicles, high-value cargo, boats, caravans and motorcycles.


• Simple self-installation
• Ruggedised waterproof unit (IP67 rated)
• 5-7 year battery life
• Roaming SIM for the best possible coverage
• Visible on the same Ctrack mapping screen as your vehicles                    

This unit offers simple self-installation and comes with a large capacity battery capable of a 5 to 7-year battery life.

Secure your equipment

Ctrack offers an ideal solution to protect mobile assets against the threat of theft. The compact and robust design means it can be concealed out of sight in the smallest of places and comes supplied with an advanced casing to protect, against the ingress of water and dust.

Ctrack Asset Tracking can be used as a standalone tool or part of a wider tracking solution, with asset location viewed via the web-based Ctrack Online system or the Mobi Ctrack’s mobile application alongside any other vehicles on the fleet.  


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