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Ctrack Connected 3G Dashcam

Ctrack 3G Connected Dashcam

Ctrack Connected Dashcam is a full HD 1080p 3G vehicle telematics camera solution. The forward-facing dash camera transmits live snapshot videos direct to the Ctrack Online cloud-based telematics platform.


  • High-Quality 1080p Camera with 3G Connectivity
  • Video Events triggered by the telematics unit
  • Videos Events automatically uploaded
  • One system and log in for video and telematics
  • On-demand video request for downloading additional videos for any date and time


  • 100% consistency of data between telematics and camera
  • Integrated into journey replays
  • Filter by type of event – e.g. harsh braking, severe event etc.
  • Ideal for accident reconstruction and driver training

Video that's fully integrated with Ctrack Telematics

The camera footage is fully integrated into the Ctrack telematics platform, users can instantly see video footage alongside their telematics data.

Users can set up real-time alerts notifying them about accidents, high g-force incidents, speeding and driving behaviour events (harsh acceleration, cornering, braking, bumps) as well as rollover and panic.

These alerts are linked to video clips of the relevant incident allowing you to see remotely in near-real-time what the driver of the vehicle is seeing.

One system and log in for video and telematics

Your telematics data and video clips are all combined into one system, this ensures consistency of the data between the camera and telematics, everything all in one place, no separate contracts, or multiple providers.


Camera Features

  • 3G connected for remote uploads and downloads of video
  • Industry-leading wide-angle lens, for increased event vision
  • Rolling video buffer, event clips will show before, during and after the incident!
  • Tamper proof design with locking case
  • Safe & Secure, only authorised users can access video
  • Built in panic button
  • Supports delayed power shutdown
  • Supports FNOL alerts

Camera Specification

Image Sensor - 1/3” 3 Megapixel CMOS, Angle of View - 170 (H: 139.5, V: 71.5, +5%), Video Resolution - 1080p HD (1920 x 1080), Recording Speed - Up to 30 fps, Internal Memory - 32GB (supports microSD cards upto 128GB), Power Input - DC 12V - 24V, Power Consumption - 15W, Size / Weight - 91mm X 56mm X 56mm, 150g

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