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Live Productivity Dashboard

With the Live Productivity Dashboard, businesses can access an easy to view and understand overview of daily activity.

This colour coded report, available in a map-or text-based view, provides a complete understanding of your operation in a highly simple and effective manner.



  • Daily overview of driver and vehicle activity
  • Colour coded and graphical format to effectively identify issues
  • Map-or text-based view for added visibility
  • Drill down from top level overview to gain further understanding





  • Boost fleet performance
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Save administration time
  • Gain driver and vehicle insight

Live Productivity Dashboard provides a real-time graphical representation of all vehicle or driver activity during the previous 24 hours in a single display. This reporting tool uses an innovative graphical format, with status and actions colour-coded, to enable a user to quickly identify activity and better absorb business critical data across a large number of vehicles.

The dashboard cover a wide range of activities including start / stop time, location, driving time, speeding, idling, harsh driving, stop at point of interest or barred location, and power take-off activity. As a result, office-based users can identify where an exception has occurred and click through to access further details and analyse in full.

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