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Ctrack offers effective installation solutions that meet our customer’s precise requirements.

Ctrack Installations – streamlined, quick and thorough

Our nationwide team of experienced and directly-employed technicians are qualified, trained and insured to work on any vehicle, ensuring the entire installation process is streamlined. They are available in branded vehicles and uniforms or in covert, non-branded vehicles dependent on your exact needs.

Each installation takes approximately 90 minutes including pre and post vehicle checks with full customer sign-off. Our technicians also provide a full driver demonstration for any in-vehicle devices such as Driver ID, Driver Behaviour Indicators, Business & Private mileage switches or Connected Navigation.

We work with the relevant members of your team to help schedule the in-vehicle hardware installations to minimise any disruption to your ongoing field based operations. Typically installations are undertaken at one or more locations and rather than have a number of vehicles standing idle the arrival of the vehicles is staggered.

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Self Installations

For those companies wanting to self-install their tracking system, we have a comprehensive training and accreditation programme to certify our client’s internal installation resources. 

Existing Customers - Installation Booking Requests Online

For existing customers wishing to book Ctrack Installation Services, these services can be requested online by clicking on the below link.

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Contact Ctrack

Get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today for a quote to suit your business. Visit our Contact page here.


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