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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is the status showing ‘disconnected’ in Ctrack Online?

A2. This is the status that is shown when the unit has been unplugged from the vehicle. Plug the unit back into the vehicle for the unit to start updating again.

Q2. Why is the status showing ‘Discovering protocol’ in Ctrack Online?

A2. This is what is shown whilst the unit is still trying to understand the technical details / language of your vehicle. This often happens when the unit has been plugged in for the first time.

Q3. Why is the status showing ‘internal battery low’ in Ctrack Online?

A3. This is the unit telling you that it is not getting a charge from the vehicle. This could be because the vehicle has been disconnected or has gone flat.

Q4: My OB130 Plug & Play device does not fit / I cannot replace the front panel or close relevant compartment.

A4: This may happen on some vehicles due to the location of the OBD port. Ctrack can offer a solution by means of an extension cable. Please contact your sales representative or the customer care team for more details.

Q5: Will my OB130 Plug & Play device work in a HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle)?

A5: No. The device can only be used in compatible OBD ports supporting DC Voltage 9-16VDC

Q6: Can my OB130 Plug & Play device support driver allocations?

A6: Yes. The OB130 supports driver allocation from Ctrack Online.

On the basis these suggestions do not address your issue, please contact a member of our customer care team.


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