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Ctrack Partner Programme

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Who are Ctrack? | Ctrack Partner Programme | Our Telematics Solutions | Become a Ctrack Partner

Who are Ctrack?

InstallerThumbnailCtrack is the UK’s leading provider of vehicle tracking and telematics systems. Over 3000 customers in the UK use our solutions every day to reduce costs, improve driving performance and productivity, manage compliance, enhance customer service and reduce their carbon footprint.

Globally, Ctrack operates in over 50 countries and has deployed over 1.2 million units into vehicles, plant and equipment. Ctrack has become the partner of choice for a wide range of private and public sector companies.


The Ctrack Partner Programme


Our Partner Programme has been designed specifically with your business in mind. The programme has been created as a way of distributing our telematics, tracking products and services to your customers. Our many years of experience tells us SME often prefer to purchase from suppliers local to them, with whom they can forge a strong commercial relationship.

Our wholesale process is designed to offer you total control. Ctrack will supply you (the Partner) with the required hardware & software at your partner wholesale price. This allows you to sell to your customer at your own prices and on your own terms.

With the Ctrack Partner Programme, all your customers remain your customers! We do not place restrictions such as types, sizes, or locations of companies you can sell to giving you the ability to build your own telematics solution for your customers.

Ctrack partners benefit from:


The largest range of telematics in the UK


A true partnership approach, not a referral


Access to all our tools and software

Our partners have full access to our extensive telematics portfolio with a wide range of features, devices, hardware and software to provide your customers with the highest levels of efficiency, reliability and security.  

Unlike other providers we are unique in our partner offering, we offer a true partnership approach. Your customers remain your customers, allowing you to build up an ongoing relationship and revenue stream.

Rather than telling you how to run your business, we give you access to all the tools and software you need in order to run a successful telematics business. 

As a member of the Partner Programme, you will be assigned a dedicated Channel Manager who will be there to answer your queries, help with training, placing orders, and for your support when you need it.

When you become a Ctrack partner, you benefit from our world-class service at a local level. Our superior service will help you answer immediate customer queries while training you to support your customer’s long term.

Regardless of whether you are already selling vehicle tracking or looking to add telematics to your existing product offering, Ctrack will be able to provide for all your needs.

Our Telematics Solutions

Intuitive and simple-to-use, our Crack platform enables businesses to better manage multiple aspects of their fleet operation and deliver real benefits by driving down costs, boosting productivity and improving customer service across a variety of vehicle and asset types.


Real-Time Tracking Applications

Ensure your fleet is visible at all times with real-time tracking, route replay and location identification within a fully customisable interface. Critical information is available quickly and easily allowing you to make informed decisions in relation to your mobile assets. Designed for PCs & laptops, Tablets and Smartphones, via your devices web browser.

Features / Technology

Our tracking solutions incorporate a wide range of features, device's and hardware to provide our customers with the highest levels of efficiency, reliability and security for their fleets and assets.


Features available include:

  • Driver ID – greater insight into the status and whereabouts of mobile employees historically or in real-time by allowing visibility and reporting by the driver as well as by vehicle.

  • Driver Behaviour – Our driver behaviour system monitors your drivers in many different aspects such as harsh braking, harsh cornering and excessive idling. The data can be provided through dedicated reports and driver scorecards or through an In-cab display.

  • Business & Private Mileage – Our business and private mileage management module ensures companies are able to capture the required information to meet HMRC requirements.

  • Remote Immobilisation - End users can immobilise through the online solution. A simple way of being able to keep your assets protected.

  • CANBus - Access to CANBus data enables fleet operators to report on a wider range of information Inc. MPG, RPM, ODO reading, and more.

  • Connected Navigation – An in-vehicle Satellite Navigation system with built-in two-way messaging and task dispatch that helps improve communication and coordination of mobile employees. Selected models feature lifetime map updates, integrated cameras and live traffic.

Reporting Suites & Dashboards

Our advanced reporting suite allows you to intelligently monitor your fleet through the use of high-level dashboards and specific vehicle/driver reporting. Focus can be applied to areas such as vehicle utilisation, driver performance, driving style, time at the customer site and timesheet automation.


Our comprehensive reporting suite includes over 80 operationally focused reports that can be accessed Ad-Hoc from within the Ctrack Online application or they can be scheduled and emailed out automatically to your chosen recipients at your chosen time.


Our Interactive Dashboards show key performance data in a quick and easy to use graphical format.  They will show data for the entire fleet which can be quickly drilled down to display data for specific divisions, teams or individual vehicles.  The filter can be applied to identify specific events such as speeding and harsh driving.

Become a Ctrack Partner

If you are already selling telematics or interested in adding telematics to your portfolio, submit your details via the following link: 

Contact Ctrack

Get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today for a quote to suit your business. Visit our Contact page here.

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