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Van Fleet Tracking

van fleet tracking

Van fleet operators are looking at ways to reduce operating costs, optimise the performance of mobile resources and support legislative compliance. With this in mind, Ctrack’s vehicle tracking solutions have been developed to meet the precise business and operational needs of these organisations – , helping to achieve measurable benefits and boost fleet performance.


• Business vs private mileage
• Driver behaviour monitoring
• Maintenance scheduling
• CANbus integration                          


• Reduce costs including fuel
• Increase productivity
• Enhance duty of care
• Achieve legislative compliance

Driver dispatch allows the nearest and most appropriate vehicle to be allocated for incoming jobs reducing mileage and enhancing customer response times. Furthermore, whilst the identification of unauthorised private usage will help make additional fuel savings and help meet HMRC reporting requirements.

Save on costs with our tracking system

Meanwhile, our driver behaviour solutions help to improve the driving techniques of employees to reduce fuel expenditure, insurance costs and wear and tear.

The rising cost of fuel has been a major challenge for van fleets for a number of years. Our tracking system possesses the functionality to immediately improve the efficiency and productivity of vehicles as well as identify areas of improvement for longer term gains.

CANbus System – solution integration to monitor performance

Ctrack’s warranty-friendly integration solution connects into the CANbus system to remotely access added understanding into a van’s performance and usage. Fleet operators can monitor a wide range of information including fuel consumption (MPG), revolutions per minute (RPM) and odometer reading (ODO), which provides added insight into operational performance.

Our comprehensive hardware portfolio includes plug and play / easy to install solutions, which support high turnover vehicle operations and cover the vehicles of third-party contractors. These can typically include vehicle rental, spot / short term hire and vehicle leasing requirements.

Product screen shots

  thumb thumb Ctrack Out of Hours Usage Report 1     thumb thumb Ctrack Driver Behaviour League Table 2
Ctrack Out of Hours Usage Report   Ctrack Driver Behaviour League Table

What our customers say



“We adopted the Ctrack solution as part of our commitment to providing an efficient, effective and responsible service to our customers.”

Nigel Davies, Auto Windscreens


Network Catering Engineers “Working closely with Ctrack we have been able to develop an effective solution that will meet our precise needs.”
Jed Hodgkins, Network Catering Engineers


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