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M2M Solutions

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M2M (machine-to-machine) refers to technologies that enable wired and wireless systems to communicate with similar devices.

With the growth of the M2M industry, companies can now significantly reduce costs, increase revenue, drive efficiencies, boost service levels and gain competitive advantage.


• Equipment monitoring
• Status alerting
• Usage reporting
• Maintenance scheduling      
• Remote access and diagnostics             


• Reduce costs
• Increase efficiencies
• Improve productivity
• Enhance customer service
• Develop competitiveness

M2M Vehicle Tracking

Our M2M solutions take advantage of various devices to capture essential data, including location, temperature, inventory level and much more, which is then communicated via our network to our software and then translated into meaningful information and business intelligence.

The basis of the M2M technology is to streamline and integrate the way data is collected from the devices and incorporated into IT systems without any human intervention.

It connects machines to the internet to create intelligent devices that possess the ability to capture and exchange real-time data, offering opportunities to transform how businesses are operated.

Product screen-shots

  Ctrack Online_Vehicle_Tracking     Ctrack-Online-Replay
Online Map view   Satellite Journey Replay View


What our customers say



“The Ctrack system has provided us with added visibility and control over our vehicles and plant equipment.”

Jason Gallagher, Quattro Group


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