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Local Authority & Councils - Vehicle Tracking

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Local Authorities & Councils operate a wide range of vehicles and equipment to support maintenance, building, transport, waste management and roadside services.

Therefore, these organisations are faced with considerable challenges in terms of resource management, spiralling operating costs and duty of care.

Local authorities are becoming increasingly aware of the importance that effective fleet and asset management will have on their business.

That’s why they are adopting appropriate telematics solutions that underpin their vehicle and equipment operations to boost performance and achieve measurable operational benefitsle.


• Driver behaviour monitoring
• Plant and equipment tracking
• PTO / Event tracking
• Lone worker protection                            


• Achieve legislative compliance 
• Reduce costs including fuel
• Enhance duty of care
• Proof of work and timesheet verification
• Streamline vehicle and equipment maintenance          

Ctrack’s vehicle tracking solutions are designed to enable greater management control over mobile assets, streamline fleet operations and reduce overheads.

Local Authority & Council Vehicle Types

We are able to track many standard and specialist vehicles for local authorities including:

  • Vans
  • HGVs
  • Buses
  • Coaches
  • Refuse and recycling vehicles
  • Gritters
  • Sweepers
  • Gully suckers
  • Quad bikes and grass cutters

Local Authority Vehicle Security and Efficiency

Local authorities have a high rate of lone workers or vulnerable teams operating outside of normal working hours, so it is critical to provide a safe and secure working environment.

Our range of lone worker solutions mean it is now possible to monitor the wellbeing of these remote members of staff, whilst enabling them to call for assistance should any problem occur through our panic buttons and systems.

Many specialist vehicles have extremely low fuel efficiency, so it is essential that organisations have the ability to track their fleet to ensure vehicles do not deviate from the most efficient routes or make unscheduled stops.

Meanwhile, driver behaviour and vehicle monitoring ensures that cars, vans and HGVs are being driven responsibly and effectively to keep mileage to a minimum and boost fuel economy.

Product screen shots

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Ctrack PTO Report   Journey Replay

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