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Ctrack Courier - Specialist Vehicle Tracking

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The Ctrack Courier solution is our specialist vehicle tracking solution developed specifically for the Courier and Express Delivery Industry.

Ideal for multi-drop couriers and delivery firms, this is the perfect security solution for vehicles left open with the engine running during a drop-off.

Ctrack Courier features a high-pitched siren that can be set to sound in the event of the doors being opened while the vehicle’s engine is running. This trigger can be set on all vehicle doors, including the rear and side loading doors.

Why choose Ctrack Courier?

• Increased vehicle and driver security
• Audible siren alarm in the vehicle (optional)
• Triggers placed on vehicle doors including side and rear loading doors
• Additional visual alerts & messages via Ctrack Online software for full visibility
• Remote immobilisation option              

In addition to the audible alarm, the system will also trigger an alert in the Ctrack Online software – notifying your control center staff of the event.

What’s more, the Ctrack Courier solution has the ability to immobilise the vehicle remotely using the Ctrack Online software. Once the immobilisation has been activated, the high-pitched siren will sound until de-activated by the Ctrack.

Product screen shots

  Ctrack Online Screenshot Satelite Mode with Panic Icon     Ctrack Online Screenshot List with Remote Immobilisation
Ctrack Online Satellite Map View   Option to remote immobilise from within Ctrack Online

What our customers say


Customer JMHC

“Vehicle tracking is an important tool that is used to safeguard our employees and assets within our multi-drop home delivery operation. It is a useful safety net for our drivers, providing important information to check customer queries and protect against falsely-accused driving offenses or fraudulent insurance claims. The system also helps encourage improved driver behaviour to ensure we are working in a responsible manner.”

Rebecca Hall, JMHC Logistics


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