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Bus & Coach Tracking

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Bus and coach operators can have complete visibility of their fleets in order to reduce costs, increase resource utilisation and enhance duty of care.

In particular, the access to real-time and historical information means it is possible to monitor the safety of drivers and passengers, check that vehicles are on schedule and ensure a fleet is operating as efficiently as possible.


• Driver behaviour monitoring
• Routing and scheduling adherence
• Panic buttons
• Connected navigation                            


• Reduce costs including fuel
• Minimise vehicle idling
• Improve driver behaviour
• Enhanced duty of care
of care                 

With bus and coach operators providing local, national and international coverage on behalf of public and private sector organisations, assets can be spread across a wide geographic area.

Our tracking system helps to see what is happening at all times to provide complete visibility and control when vehicles and drivers are out on the road. It delivers live data regarding location and status including arrivals, departures and other points of interest.

Minimise consumption and expenditure

Leaving the engine running in a lay-by, service station, parking area or transport yard is responsible for significant and unnecessary fuel wastage. We can help minimise consumption by using live vehicle tracking and automatic alerts to identify and address excessive engine idling.

Our driver behaviour solutions can also improve the way employees drive to reduce costs such as fuel expenditure, insurance and wear and tear, whilst enhancing levels of operational efficiency, environmental responsibility and duty of care. Moreover, positive driving behaviour can help achieve a better public perception of your business and prevent costly damage to its corporate image.

Product screen-shots

  thumb thumb Ctrack Static Route Report 1     thumb thumb Ctrack Fuel and MPG Report 2
Ctrack Static Route Report   Ctrack Fuel and MPG Report

What our customers say



“We adopted the Ctrack solution as part of our commitment to providing an efficient, effective and responsible service to our customers.”

Nigel Davies, Auto Windscreens


seven-trent-water-vehicle-tracking   “The functionality and usability of the Ctrack system means it will meet our current and future needs to help drive productivity, completion of work and enable further Health and Safety benefits.”
 David Cross, Severn Trent Water


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